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Gabriel Caro, a successful music executive producer has undergone a surgery carried out by Dr. Daniel Caiña. And as per the information available from the team of Gabriel Caro, the surgery of the music producer is successful. Gabriel Caro is waiting to be released and go home in a specific hospital.

Gabriel Caro is currently staying in Malvinas Argentinas Hospital and he is waiting to be approved to go home safely. According to the available information, the surgery is done by the renowned doctor Daniel Caiña.

The team of Gabriel Caro has deeply expressed its gratitude towards the local government and to the doctor for their professionalism as well as hospitality. Gabriel Caro had chosen Dr. Daniel Caiña due to his long experience of carrying out complex surgeries successfully.

Dr. Daniel Caiña is trained in advanced laparoscopic surgery and bariatric surgery. He is also an expert in successfully carrying out obesity and diabetes surgery in Argentina. And he introduced it in Argentina by working in collaboration with Dr. Alberto Cormillot.

Known for his expertise in Bariatric and metabolic surgeries, Dr. Daniel Caiña was treating Gabriel Caro’s health problem for some time. And he suggested him to go for surgery to get rid of his health problem. And now, the good news is that the surgery has turned out to fully successful and the artist is waiting to get back to his normal routine.

Gabriel Caro has established a strong identity in the music world with his excellent understanding of music. He enjoys great popularity on social media and he has many links with celebrities as well as renowned artists. All of them have expressed their wishes for him for his fast recovery.


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